I have been very fortunate to have been invited to lecture and to give audio visual talks around the world, not only on the topic of Jack the Ripper but other equally interesting crime-related topics such as “Serial Killers”, “Modern Day Forensics” Crime Prevention”, Along with talks relating to myths and mysteries from around the world that have fascinated and captivated the imagination of the public at large for many years.

A recent addition to my lecture program features a four-part series of lectures titled “The Dance Crazes of the 1920`s-1970`s”.

The details of all my highly interesting and informative talks are set out below and can be tailor made to last between 60 minutes and 2 hours.

“Jack the Ripper- “The Real Truth” 

In this presentation, I reveal the results of my lengthy cold case re-investigation into this murder mystery, which has fascinated people worldwide for 130 years. The results of which now dispel and shatter the myth that surrounded Jack the Ripper and The Whitechapel Murders.

“During this presentation, original crime scene photographs will be shown some of which are of a graphic nature.”

“Forensics an aid to Modern Day Crime Detection” 

An audio visual insight into evidence gathering at crime scenes and the use of forensic methods as an aid to modern day crime detection.

“The World`s Worst Serial Killers”


An audio visual insight into the world`s worst serial killers, highlighting the pain and suffering the victims endured, the anguish the relatives suffered, as well as highlighting the errors made by law enforcement officers in at times allowing some killers to go free and kill again before finally being incarcerated

“During this presentation, original crime scene photographs will be shown some of which are of a graphic nature.”

“The Mysteries of the Seas” 

In this presentation, I unravel the myths surrounding many famous sea mysteries which have fascinated people for decades, such as The Bermuda Triangle, the Lost City of Atlantis, the Mary Celeste, Mermaids, Sea Monsters, and the Flying Dutchman. Is there any truth as to what we have been told? Or is it all fiction?

“Protecting valuables and avoiding tourist scams”

An audio-visual talk in how to keep your property and valuables safe while on holiday. whilst on sea or land, and how to avoid the many scams that tourists fall prey to every year.

“The Mysteries of the Skies-The UFO Phenomenon” 

The 1947 Roswell UFO incident was the start of the worldwide UFO Phenomenon, which still exists today. What are these unidentified craft seen in our skies, and where they come from? Are they extraterrestrial, or is the answer to be found here on earth?

“The Apollo 11 Moon Landing – Fact or Fiction”? 

It was described as one of the most momentous events of the 20th Century but did it really happen, or was it simply an elaborate hoax? I present the real facts in an attempt to prove or disprove this.

“Barnum & Baileys Circus “The Greatest Show on Earth” 


A journey back in time for an audio and visual insight into the many unusual “human” side show acts and attractions who toured the world with a circus which was started by PT Barnum and came to be known as “The Greatest Show on Earth” in the late 1800`s

“During this presentation photographs and video clips will be shown some of which, some may find disturbing.”

“Psychics, Mediums, and Clairvoyants- EXPOSED?” 

Many people have at some time either been to a theatre show to see a psychic perform, or have been privately to a tarot card reader or a medium. But do they really have any paranormal powers? Or are they nothing more than fraudsters? the real truth can now be revealed.

“The UK`s Worst Serial Killers” 

An audio visual insight into some of the UK`s worst serial killers, from the early Victorian period to the present day.

“During this presentation, original crime scene photographs will be shown some of which are of a graphic nature.

“The British Police at Work-From arrest to conviction”

 An audio visual insight into how the British police deal with persons arrested for criminal offences. The presentation follows a suspect from the initial arrest stage to conviction.

“Murder Mystery Fun Quiz” 

A 60-minute Murder Mystery audiovisual fun quiz which can also be used to supplement a full evenings Entertainment.


The Dance Crazes of The roaring 1920`s-to the disco years of the1970`s

The Roaring 20s Dance CrazesDance Crazes of the 1930s & 1940s

Dance Crazes of the 50s & 60sDance Crazes of the 1970s

A four-part, foot tapping, hand clapping nostalgic look back at the many, and not so many famous dances, and dance crazes from those golden years of music and dance, which led to the shaping of many of the modern day dances as they are known today


Commonly know, as “The Rock”, an audio visual insight into the history of this notorious prison, and the stories behind those famous criminals who were incarcerated there, and of those who tried to escape, and the fate that befell those who did!

“The Pirates of the Caribbean – The real truth”

Pirates for the Caribbean - The Real Truth
The modern-day portrayal of the pirate was perhaps never intended to be realistic, but nevertheless, it has stuck, and the stories behind the real pirates, who sailed the seas, plundering and killing, seem to have been forgotten, or authors and filmmakers alike seem to have been reluctant to tell the true stories, but now the real truth can finally be told, with this audio visual presentation.


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Numerous other radio and press interviews with media outlets worldwide over the past five years on the subject of Jack the Ripper and serial killers.

When any television program is filmed there are the hilarious bloopers that occur. As was the case when filming the above documentary for National Geographic. (Click link to see one such hilarious blooper)