Police Officials

pol1Sir Charles Warren was a former Army officer who was Metropolitan Police Commissioner at the time of the murders he hastily resigned his post following the murder of Mary Kelly in November 1888.
pol2James Monro was appointed Metropolitan Police Commissioner following Sir Charles Warren’s resignation in 1888. He was personally involved in the investigation of one of the later murders in 1889, which he believed to have been committed by The Ripper He resigned his post in 1890. In his recently found personal papers he makes no mention of the murders
pol3Sir Robert Anderson was Assistant Commissioner of Police at the time of the murders. He was also heavily involved in the setting up of Special Branch in 1888. In his book he published in 1910 he stated that an un-named polish Jew was the Whitechapel Murderer.
pol4Sir Melville Macnaghten was appointed Assistant Chief Constable of The Metropolitan Police in 1889. He was not a serving police officer at the time of the murders. He was responsible for writing the highly contentious memorandum in 1894 naming four likely ripper suspects. More recently another version of this has been made public. This is known as the Aberconway Version, having been found in the possession of his (daughter Lady Christobel Aberconway.
pol5Major Henry Smith was assistant commissioner at The City of London Police whose jurisdiction covered the murder of Catherine Eddowes. In his memoirs he stated” The Ripper completely beat me and every Police officer in London.” and that “…I have no more idea now where he lived than I had twenty years ago.
pol6Chief Insp Donald Swanson was placed in overall charge of the Ripper investigation following the double event. He is purported to have written annotations in a copy of Sir Robert Andersons memoirs naming Kosminski as being the polish Jew referred to by Anderson in his book.
pol7Chief Inspector Moore was at the time of the murders, aide to the Police Commissioner at Scotland Yard. When interviewed by the press in later years he stated that the killer was believed to have been an unknown merchant seaman.
pol8Insp Reid was one of the senior officers actively engaged in the investigation of all the murders. In later years he was quoted as saying “I challenge anyone to produce a tittle of evidence of any kind against anyone”
pol9Chief Inspector Littlechild was the senior officer in charge of the newly formed Special Branch at the time of The Whitechapel murders. New evidence has emerged which shows Special Branch had more than a passing interest in the murders. In later years in a letter to a reporter he suggests the killer could have been Frances Tumblety. More recent evidence would however go some way to contradict his beliefs.
pol10Inspector Frederick Abberline was drafted into Whitechapel fol-lowing the double event murders as deputy to Chief Insp Swanson. When interviewed by the press in later years he suggests George Chapman aka Severin Klosowski as being a likely ripper suspect.