Prey Time

book4Between August and November 1888, the residents of Whitechapel a cosmopolitan suburb located in The East End of London would find themselves in the grip of fear as to what was to become known as The Autumn of Terror.

A fearsome killer who became known as Jack the Ripper was stalking the dimly lit fog bound streets hiding in the shadows, before slaughtering and butchering the helpless street women. The police were failing in their attempt to apprehend this killer, and public condemnation of the murders was running high.

An offer of help would come from an unlikely source in Emma Holmes daughter of the legendary Sherlock Holmes. Using all the knowledge and expertise gained from her father would she be able to lure this killer to his ultimate and final date with the hangman?

A compelling, Victorian crime mystery novel, based on the original Whitechapel Murders of 1888, which contains many twists and turns leading to an unexpected and surreal thought-provoking final conclusion.

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