The Death of Sherlock Holmes

sherlock The exploits of Sherlock Holmes have been well documented for many years, but until now, the personal, intimate side of the detective has remained a secret known to but a few.

Those few knew that, in his youth, Holmes married and had a daughter Emma. While she was still a baby, her mother was killed in a murder attempt on Holmes himself. To protect his daughter, he sent her to a convent school in Scotland where she was brought up by the nuns in the belief that both her parents were dead.

Sherlock Holmes then lived in fear that another attempt on his life would succeed. His fear becomes a reality one cold March night in 1894 when, with his friend and confidante Dr Watson at his side, he meets his death on a dark street at the hands of a ruthless Chinese gang.

Emma is finally told about her father and how he died. She discards her convent robes and joins forces with Dr Watson in a cunning, audacious and dangerous plan to bring justice to her father’s killers, thereafter ensuring that the legendary names of Holmes and Watson will continue to strike fear onto the hearts of the criminal gangs of London Town for years to come.

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“The author has taken a big gamble with not only the title, but the content, in this book killing off the cult figure that Sherlock Holmes has become, whose exploits have become a cottage industry via books, television, and films, all of which still generate vast sums of revenue for authors and film makers alike.
Having said that the gamble has paid off, the concept of his death and the emergence of his secret daughter Emma has now taken the Sherlock Holmes mysteries to a new level. I found the story line and the accompanying dialogue very well written, certainly on par with many of the other Holmes mysteries I have read.
I would recommend this to everyone. It is a good read and should stand on its own merits. My only concern for the author is whether it will be accepted by the Holmes aficionados worldwide, who may not readily accept Holmes untimely death”

December 2014