The Evil Within

book2Since the dawn of time at men and women alike have been killing each other. Many of these murders have been committed in the most brutal and horrific ways imaginable showing no respect for human life.

Throughout his time as a murder squad detectives Trevor Marriott has seen first-hand the wanton slayings and butchering that have been committed by both men and women who have warped, depraved, and sadistic minds. In this fascinating and chilling book he examines 70 of the world’s most notorious serial killers and the despicable crimes they committed. From William MacDonald “The Sydney Mutilator, to Dusseldorf vampire Peter Kurten. Steve Wright “The Suffolk Strangler” and from the USA Ted Bundy, Gary Ridgway and Jeffrey Dahmer. These are the horrifying true stories of serial murderers from across the globe.

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