The Evil Within

book2Since the dawn of time at men and women alike have been killing each other. Many of these murders have been committed in the most brutal and horrific ways imaginable showing no respect for human life.

Throughout his time as a murder squad detectives Trevor Marriott has seen first-hand the wanton slayings and butchering that have been committed by both men and women who have warped, depraved, and sadistic minds. In this fascinating and chilling book he examines 70 of the world’s most notorious serial killers and the despicable crimes they committed. From William MacDonald “The Sydney Mutilator, to Dusseldorf vampire Peter Kurten. Steve Wright “The Suffolk Strangler” and from the USA Ted Bundy, Gary Ridgway and Jeffrey Dahmer. These are the horrifying true stories of serial murderers from across the globe.

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“Short and punchy with little detail surrounding the crime and investigations. Good first time book to enable the reader to decide if any of the stories require more further reading.”
Dec 2013
“I like Trevor Marriott books, their very interesting. The main thing you find chilling is the fact that all these serial killers once walked the streets amongst us( and there probably still is lots more that haven’t been caught yet!) . I had heard of most of them, but some I’d never heard of. A good book I can recommend to anyone.”
Sept 2013
“I must admit I am a murder junkie & this book really caters to my need. It is full of murders from around the world, in chapters for each country.The murderers range from 1800`s to fairly recent, One or two facts wrong but mostly well researched,looking forward to reading more by this author.”
Sept 2013
“If you are a true crime buff, this is the book for you.
All types of murders and different countries, there is so much reading
In this it will take me ages to get thru it.
That’s what books should be like and a great price.”

Feb 2013
“A lot of books on the subject of killers are quite dumbed down. You finish a story thinking that the whole sorry episode hasn’t been recounted fully. Not with this book though….oh no!
Trevor Marriot, a retired Bedfordshire Police officer, who does the rounds of theatre’s around the country talking about notorious villains, does not pull any punches. In fact, sometimes I had to take a deep breath before turning the pages, so graphic and horrifyingly detailed were the descriptions of the modus operandi of the hundreds of killers from across the globe that he tells us about. Many are still alive, incarcerated in prisons hopefully never to come out other than in a box.
You can almost feel the fear and imagine the suffering the victims underwent before succumbing to death.
You need a strong stomach to read some of these stories.
August 2016