The Victims

Up until now, it has been generally accepted that the killer only killed five prostitutes between August and November 1888 in Whitechapel. It is also suggested that the killer after murdering three of the victims Catherine Eddowes, Mary Kelly, and Annie Chapman removed vital organs from their bodies whilst at the crime scenes. My investigation would subsequently dispel both of these previously accepted facts.


For 133 years experts have believed that only five women were murdered by Jack the Ripper. Did he kill less than five or more than five? Could they have been wrong all this time?

vic1Mary Ann Nicholls
Mary Ann Nicholls aged 43 aka Polly Nicholls was found at 3.45 am on August 31st 1888 in Bucks Row Whitechapel. Her throat had been cut and her body subjected to minor abdominal mutilations.

vic2Annie Chapman
Annie Chapman aged 47 was found with her throat cut and her abdomen horribly mutilated at 6.00am on at September 8th 1888 in the rear yard of 29 Hanbury Street Whitechapel. A later post mortem revealed her uterus had been removed with what was described as medical precision.

vic3Elizabeth Stride
Elizabeth Stride Aged 45 was the first victim of what became known as The Double Event on September 30th 1888. She was found murdered at 12.45am in Berner Street Whitechapel. She died from one single cut to her throat, unlike the previous two victims there were no mutilations to her body.

vic4Catherine Eddowes
Catherine Eddowes aged 46 was the second victim on the night of September 30th 1888, She was found murdered at 1.44 am in Mitre Square, a fifteen minute walk away from Berner Street. Her throat had been cut, her face and abdomen horribly mutilated. At her post mortem, her uterus and kidney were found to be missing.

Mary Jeanette Kellyvic5
Mary Jeanette Kelly aged 25 was found murdered on November 8th in her room at Millers Court Whitechapel. Her face and body had been mutilated to the point of almost destroying her identifying features. Her organs had been removed and scattered around the room, contrary to the accepted belief, I found none to be missing. There was no suggestion that the removal of the organs from the body had been committed by anyone with medical knowledge.

Other Victims

vic11Martha Tabram
A thirty-nine-year-old prostitute. She was found murdered on the stairs of George Yard Buildings in the early hours of August 7th 1888. She had been stabbed 39 times. The police later included her murder as part of The Whitechapel Murders attributed to Jack the Ripper.

vic13Alice McKenzie
Forty-year-old Alice McKenzie died in Castle Alley on 17 July 1889 of wounds to the left side of her neck. Her abdomen showed signs of only superficial mutilations. Her clothes were up around her chin. She was last seen alive at 11.40pm and her body was found at 12.50am .Two doctors agreed that a ‘sharp-pointed knife’ was used to inflict the wounds, but also that it could have been smaller than the one used in the previous killings. However, neither the doctors nor the police could agree on whether she was a Ripper victim.

vic12Frances Coles
Twenty-three-year-old Francis Coles was the last possible UK Ripper victim. She was murdered in the early hours of 13th February 1891 under a railway arch in Royal Mint Street. Her throat was slashed only moments before a policeman arrived on the scene. There were no abdominal mutilations. She had injuries to the back of her head consistent with being thrown to the pavement and her throat had been cut while she was lying on the pavement. The police belived her to have been killed by the same hand as the other victims.