The Worlds Worst Serial Killers

Is a two-hour audiovisual show which I am presenting having made an extensive study into other serial killers from around the world? The show content is taken from my highly acclaimed best-selling book titled “The Evil Within -The World’s Worst Serial Killers”

The show describes the murders committed by 20 of the world’s worst serial killers, many of which may not be so familiar to the many people that take a great interest in the crimes of serial killers. The show features over 200 photographs of not only the victims and photographs and interviews with their killers. In addition to photographs from the original crime scenes, many of which will never have been seen before.

I not only portray the killers as the monsters whom they are, but I go to great lengths to show the errors and bad decisions made by law enforcement officers in allowing some of these killers to roam free to kill again before finally being captured, as well as showing the pain and suffering the victims endured before succumbing to death, and the pain and anguish caused to the families of the victims.

This show not for the squeamish or faint hearted as many of the photographs shown are of a very graphic nature, which some may find disturbing. 

No one under 16 will be admitted without a parent or appropriate adult.

2022/23 Tour dates

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